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At Arden, students typically take 1 elective course each year.  We offer a variety of choices in many different areas of interest.  Listed below are the electives that we typically offer.   For more detailed descriptions, please click on the various department pages on our school website. 

Art - general, introductory art class open to all grades

Advanced Art/ Painting - more advanced art class for 8th graders who have taken our regular art class.

Computer Applications - general computer class with topics like Google applications, coding and graphics, open to all grade

Computer Science Discoveries - a more advanced computer course, 7th and 8th grade only

Student Leadership - officers and class representatives help plan and organize activities throughout the year, 7th and 8th grade only, must submit an application

Media Productions - film, edit and produce the daily announcements / news show. 7th and 8th grade only

Spanish 1 - high school credit Spanish class open to 7th and 8th graders

Spanish 2 - high school credit, open to 8th graders that have successfully completed Spanish 1

Spanish 1 / 2 for Heritage Speakers - high school credit Spanish course intended for students whose native language is Spanish or who speak Spanish at home

Band - Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Jazz Band are offered. 

Choir - students learn and practice songs and perform in several concerts throughout the year.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination, a support class for students that want extra help to one day get into college.

Math Support - a Math elective for Gen Ed students that supports the learning done in their regular Math class. Tutoring, HW help, Math Games...

English Support - an extra hour of help with reading and writing

Teacher TA - assist a teacher in their room with various tasks, 8th grade only, application required

Office TA - assist in the office with general office duties such as greeting visitors and running errands around campus, 8th grade only